Visual display standardization manual

This manual is an integrated design guideline for the visual delivery medium of fame, and the following items must be correctly understood and used to improve and manage the reputation image.

Symbol Mark

The symbol mark of reputation is a combination of M and S. It embodies M and S, the English initials of the company name MYUNGSUNG. This symbol mark represents the company's brand identity and provides a memorable image due to its simple yet unique design. The symbol mark of Prestige reflects the company's philosophy of business sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, the symbol mark is one of the important elements representing the company's brand identity and must be used according to the manual to maintain a consistent image. This is critical to maintaining branding consistency and authenticity.


Signature refers to a horizontal and vertical combination of a symbol mark and logo type according to a certain rule, and an appropriate one is selected and used according to the layout or situation of the applied medium. When using the signature, the proportion, spacing, and size of each element cannot be arbitrarily modified, and the color must also comply with the designated color regulations. When using, be sure to use the data contained in the manual.




Myungsung CI is completed through the combination of symbol mark and logo mark.
For the correct brand image of fame, the rules and principles of the union standard must be observed.

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