Technology to be one with nature

The technology of Myungsung specializes in
extrusion molding, twin-screw cylinder manufacturing, powder mills, and crushers.
Our expertise is built on consistent technological development and thorough after-sales service,
enabling us to export to various parts of the world, not only domestically.


Myungsung is a company specializing in the manufacturing and export of extrusion molding, twin-screw cylinder, powder mills, and crushers

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Myungsung is known for our high recycling productivity and competitive product quality, achieved through speeding up the crushing of synthetic waste.


You can explore our crushers, powder mills, and extrusion molding machines, which are equipped with twin-screw cylinder screws.

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Myungsung has devoted itself to constant technological development.

Myungsung is creating a sustainable future
through the combination of environmental protection
Myungsung Inc

The dedicated efforts of Myungsung's reputation,
driven by technology and credibility, provide new
efforts anddiligent approach.
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Introduction of Crusher Products

Advantages of Environmentally Friendly Crushers

Waste Management and Resource Recycling

We can efficiently crush various materials for their utilization in resource recycling

Minimizing Environmental Damage

We reduce odors and noise to
protect the living environment
of nearby residents and minimize environmental damage.

Energy Efficiency

We achieve environmentally friendly operations by minimizing power consumption and reducing energy costs while maintaining high performance.

sustainable development

We contribute to environmental
protection and achieve
sustainable development through waste management and resource recycling.

A specialized company that assists customers' success through
high-quality machine manufacturing and maintenance services

Management Philosophy for Customer Satisfaction through Technology, Credibility, Environment, and Dedication

  • 1

    We focus on product development with overwhelming technological prowess and innovation.

  • 2

    We build strong trust with our customers
    through adhering to accurate delivery
    schedules and providing excellent after-sales service.

  • 3

    We will take the lead in environmental
    protection by adopting eco-friendly
    manufacturing processes and production methods.

  • 4

    We provide the utmost service for
    customer satisfaction with our best
    efforts anddiligent approach.

Introduction of Powder Mill Products

Eco-friendly Powder Mills
for Environmental Protection
and Resource Recycling

Solving Environmental Issues

Powder mills grind materials into small particles, enabling efficient waste management and resource recycling.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Powder mills enable efficient utilization of resources.

Economic benefits

By utilizing environmentally friendly powder mills, one can gain economic benefits.

Business Results

Myungsung has been accumulating a track record of supplying numerous machines in various industries and providing stable and highly satisfactory after-sales service, resulting in continuous growth and excellent delivery performance.
Domestic Delivery Performance (87 Companies)

납품 실적 2002~2023

International Delivery Performance (3 Companies)

러시아, 일본, 이라크

We have undertaken the development of 4 international projects and 87 domestic projects.

Myungsung is a leading global development company that provides sustainable energy solutions.

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